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Magnum (4 oz) Echotail® Blade Bait

$ 22.99

Vibrations Tackle designed the Magnum 4 oz Echotail® specifically to target fish such as musky, northern pike, lake trout, and other big game species. While soft plastics continue to be popular among esox anglers, we intend on producing this bait to continue the trend. The Magnum 4 oz.  Echotail® is extremely versatile and can accept a wide range of soft plastic tails on the market today. The Magnum 4 oz. Echotail® can be used as a deadly jigging presentation during post frontal and post turnover conditions. The Magnum 4 oz. Echotail® also makes an excellent crank bait. The ability to make long casts while fishing both shallow and deep water makes the lure and excellent search bait. Many trolling applications can also be applied.



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