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Junior (1/4 oz) Standard Echotail® Blade Bait

$ 6.09

Vibrations Tackle designed the Jr. Echotail® specifically for targeting walleye, bass, trout, bream and salmon. You may discover other species find these little baits enticing as well! The Jr. Echotail® is extremely versatile and can except a wide range of soft plastic tails on the market today. Anglers can experiment by mixing and matching a variety of different plastics that are already on the market.   The free-range motion of a soft plastic tail dancing behind vibrating blade bait is a perfect combination for maximizing action as well as water displacement. The Jr. Echotail® can be used for jigging lakes, rivers, and streams. Multiple pulling holes also allow the angler to utilize the lure for casting or slow trolling.

Length:  3"

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