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Echotail® Hybrid Blade Bait Starter Kit…Includes Free Shipping!

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Title: Echotail Starter Kit

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The Echotail® Hybrid Blade Bait Starter Kit is perfect for the angler that would like to get acquainted with our product line. The kit is packed with  seven sizes in our most popular color patterns for targeting many species including panfish, bass, trout, walleye, pike and musky. Whether your casting from shore for bass or jigging for deep lake trout from a boat, the Echotail® Hybrid Blade Bait Starter Kit gets the job done. The patented barbed tail allows angler to easily experiment with interchanging  hundreds of soft plastic colors, styles and scent combinations. With a little imagination, anglers can mix and match blades and tails to customize a new lure that only they and the fish know about! 

Kit Includes

-6 Compartment Plano Tackle Box

- 1/10 oz-Shiner

- 3/16 oz-Disco Nugget
- 1/4 oz-Copperhead

- 3/8 oz-Glow Orange

- 1/2 oz-Disco Nugget
- 3/4 oz-Chartreuse w/orange flake

- 1 oz-Firetiger

-All Echotails include one replacement tail



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