Vibrations Tackle

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The 4 oz FUNNYBONE™ Splide bait is in a classification of its own.  The three-in-one lure offers anglers a "bang for the buck".  Anglers can utilize the lure as a deep water blade bait, a trolling spoon or casting glide bait.  The UV white offers great visibility in the deep stained water. 

Blade bait: Connect to the top five holes. Each hole has a different vibration.

Adjustable/Bendable Spoon: connect to the front nose hole to utilize as a spoon. The action has a cradle like rocking motion the strongly resembles a natural fish swimming through the water.  The curved body can be bent and manipulated to achieve desired wobbling action. 

Deep/Shallow Glide Bait: Connect your line to the front nose hole to utilize as a glide bait.  With a few twitches and pump of the rod combined with varying retrieval speeds makes the glide side to side.  The lure cuts through the water with ease and great action.  Fish the FUNNYBONE™ deep or just below the surface. GREAT FOR FISHING ABOVE AND AROUND WEEDS!


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