Zach Burgess for Why Knot Guide Service shows his technique for catching Whitefish in Green Bay on Midwest Outdoors. He helped design custom Whitefish Echotail rigs for Green Bay.
Introduction Video-Hybrid Blade Bait
Echotail™ Tips - Basic Setup Part 1
Echotail™ Tips-Tuning Part 2
Echotail™ Tips-Jigging
Tuning the Echotail
River Casting Technique
Dead Sticking Echotails
Sizmic Grub Rigged
Under Water Action
The Darting Echotail
Compatible Products
Stryper Pintails
Slow Echotail Fall
Intro to the Giant Echotail
Echotail™ Hybrid Blade Bait
Echotail with Pintail
Medium Echotail In Action
Dead Sticking Echotails
Dead-Sticking Echotail™ Blade Baits
Uncle Josh's MEAT™ Crawler Hooks Walleye
Echotail™ Pintail Mix
Northeastern Wisconsin Fishing Show

Vibrations Tackle's Fishing Videos

Fishing Guide Kurt Shultz/Monster Walleye
DePere Fox River,  Spring Walleye
The Netherlands... Big Pike
Crushing Panfish
Kurt Schultz Scores Tanks "SMALLIES"
Double Header-Josh Teigen
Fishing Current Systems From Shore
2012 Echotail Results
Take a Veteran Fishing
High Speed Trolling
5 Year Old First To Catch Musky On Giant
Musky Trolling on Lake Pewaukee
Multi Species Fish From East Coast to West Coast
Vibrations Tackle 2011 Review
Madison Chain Trolling
Trolling for Pewaukee Muskies
Trolling Green Bay Wall
(Lucky Musky Catch)

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