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Shop NEW ECHOTAIL® Products
Shop NEW ECHOTAIL® Products


"Hi, I purchased some of your Echotail lures maybe 2 years ago. I noticed on your website you are not promoting or categorizing lake trout. I have some killer lake trout pics 20-32 lbs inland lakes vertical jigging your lure. I've been doing this for 40 years and this is the best by far . On my last trip something became very clear, while trolling spoons etc., vertical jigging my own jigs, sonars and a host of others the fish ran 2-4 lbs and each lure caught about the same except for ALL lunkers were caught on your lure. This happened on 3 outings, after the 3rd one there was know coincidence . ALL THE BIG FISH WERE ON YOUR LURE. The last trip if someone at the resort catches a 15 -20 pounder all season it makes there brochure, we caught 5 22-32 lbs."
                                 -Brent Van Vonderen-
"Huge selecting of colors, sizes and custom colors with the Kalin's tails are endless. Have used them for salmon, pike, bass, panfish, & walleye. They have yet to disappoint me or my family. The ice fishing series are great even in early spring and late fall. The walleye kits are a great selection. The coho & king magnet are a phenomenal casting from shore or trolling from your boat."
                                                                                             -     -Nicholas D'Andrea-


"I have fish all over using blade baits. I have used many different kinds of blade baits. This is the best blade on the market . It comes in many fish catching colors. Great action and it sends off a vibration that no other blade bait has. Most people thing blades are just for cold water. Nope this is not the case. I yous blade bait year around. This past summer i caught a 30 plus 11lbs walleye fishing a echo tail snap jigging a point on the wis river. Guys if your in to blade baits this bait (ECHOTAIL) Is a most for your box"

“For all you guys that are into vertical jigging there is no other blade bait on the market that comes close to the Echotail that the Blanchar family has introduced to the market.  This is the number one blade bait on the market there is no other blade bait that even comes close.”

                                             -Jesse Quale (Green Water Walleye Service)


"My new favorite small mouth lure" -Captain Josh Teigen 

"Thanks to the Echo Tail!

We slammed the walleyes on Eagle Lake out of Andy Meyer Lodge yesterday. I caught a couple with the rubber tail that is included and then removed the tail and hooked up a creek chub to the rear of the lure and it was game over for the walleyes. Awesome…"

- Keith Worrall (OutdoorsFIRST Media)


"Great reaction bait when conditions get tough due to weather conditions, water clarity or temp fluctuations."

-Captain Jeff Nuechterlein (Eyetime Guide Service)


 "I'm a proud user of the baits made by the fantastic friends at Vibrations tackle! I'm a year round angler and couldn't use their amazing baits all season due to the fact that my main target species is bass! With a little effort and ingenuity they have made their bait a must have in my boat! It's a bait for all seasons and one I won't and will not do without!!!"

-Mickey Wilson



"This Bait gets you EXPLOSIVE strikes, you can jig it and cast it for reaction strikes. Whether you slow roll it jigging, or rip it up to bring fish from far. I love this bait because its VERY versitale.. I give the Echo tailz a 5+ starz !!"

-Brian Fetzer

"Just 3 casts in and the EchoTail did the job! Thanks to Rob Blanchar for letting us try out some of his lures tonight!" 

-Luke Kiefer

Quality tackle and top notch service! Fish calling, hog catching!!

-John Marksman

"Look what I stuck for Christmas, only had a little while to play today. Popping it barely off the bottom on the sand bars again got me a couple today and this one. Had to switch colors a couple times but the silver glitter echo tail with a big white twister tail is what convinced this little guy to bite. Thanks for such a versatile product. When the bigger lakes freeze those lake trout better watch out when for the Echo Tails!!"

"High five to Justin Blanchar and Vibrations Tackle on an awesome product. Got these guys on the Echo Tails last night. They were hanging out off a rocky shoreline on a sand flat. I was dragging them across the sand popping them a couple inches off the bottom sporadically then they would crush it."

-Matt Nevermann


"That is one of the greatest things about your baits, they are so versatile. I bought my first two sets off ebay about 3 or 4 years ago, just to use for ice fishing and I I have used them for so much more. Someday when I have the extra cash, I want to get a couple of the big pike and musky sized baits you sell. Keep up the great work!"

-Ragnarr Alfordson

These are by far the best blade baits that I have ever used, especially for trolling. These blades dive deep, troll straight and do not spin out, but most importantly they catch fish! Additionally, you can jig, cast, and drift with these blades making them one of the most versatile baits out there. With the tons of color combinations and sizes available puts the the EchoTail in a league of it's own.

   -Chase Freidig


Best blade bait I have used!!!! Works for a variety of fish from using the micro echo tail to catch crappies in the winter to vertical jigging the giant and magnum echo tails for fall muskies. This lure truly has a place for almost any type of fishing you do!!!!! Try one out and hold on!!! 

                                                                                                             -Todd Bohm

 I've been using the echo tails for about 4-5 years.. great lures.. love being able to change up its action with just something as simple as the clasp. with all the different sizes and colors and different actions these come in and can do , you won't go wrong with an echo tail.

                                                                                                            -Jim Packard