Specializing in blade bait rigging, we have customized the our innovative jig for targeting Whitefish through the ice in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Developed by fishing guide Zach Burgess of Why Knot Guide Service and featured on Midwest Outdoors. The color selection is highly reflective and resembles the natural forage (Goby) that whitefish feed on.  Offered in four sizes, to accommodating multiple depths and current strengths. Double VMC Limerick hooks are positioned upright to accommodate the mouth structure for increased hooking percentages.  A comprehensive field test has concluded that the Echotail® whitefish rig is a proven jig that simply catches fish. 

Suggested Use

Mini 1/10 oz- Early season when whitefish are shallow

Mini 3/16 oz- Maintains small profiles with added weight to help stay vertical when fishing stronger currents.

Jr 1/4 oz- Perfect for targeting deeper water.  Go-to all season rig.

Jr 3/8 oz- Slightly heavier to help hold stronger currents when targeting deeper water. 


18 Piece Kit Includes:

1 -Plano Box
2 -3/16 oz Whitefish rigs
2 -1/4 oz Whitefish rigs 
1-3/8 oz Whitefish Rig
6 Replacement Tails for the 3/16 oz
6 Replacement Tails for the 1/4 oz & 3/8 oz 

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