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Travel Light

Might be a great way to create more time for fishing regardless of the "rat race" busy life of an angler in the new age! 

We are experts in the feild of creating fishing tackle kits for the angler who simply wants to fish more often in an extremely creative and tharaputic way.   Our kits offers the angler the abuilty to design his or her lure to match fish appetites!

Nothing better than a small container of fishing lures that can be easily concealed your pocket. Below are a few senarios:

  • Kayak fishing
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) fishing
  • Conue fishing
  • Canadian fly-ins
  • Bycycle fishing
  • Small vehicle 
  • Family vacations

We are crafting a variety of options for the angler who enjoys fishing, but finds it difficult to make decisions on what to bring.

                          ECHOTAIL®️ Is the “GOLDEN TICKET” to catching more fish!