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Shop NEW ECHOTAIL® Products
Shop NEW ECHOTAIL® Products

1/16 oz. (2.25 in.) Blade Baits

SKU A.16-BB-006 | PANPOP-034 | TUBE
$ 6.00
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    Tackle designed the 1/16 oz. ECHOTAIL® specifically for targeting panfish! You may discover other species find these tiny baits enticing as well.  The1/16 oz. ECHOTAIL® is extremely versatile and can except a wide range of soft plastic tails on the market today.  This allows the angler to easily experiment with mixing and matching  numerous plastics combinations. The free-range motion of a soft plastic tail dancing behind vibrating blade bait is a perfect combination for maximizing action as well as displacing water.  The1/16 oz. ECHOTAIL® can be jigged on lakes and rivers and streams.  Multiple line attachment  holes also allow for different vibration tones.

Spring crappie technique allowing for depth control!