As a start up manufacture of a new product line in the fishing industry, it's a dream that one day, a tournament angler will win a championship on our product line in hopes that years of late nights and early mornings around the clock will one day pay off. As the developer of the Echotail® blade bait, I always get excited to hear or see  any fish being posted on social media networks with a face full of Echotail®. On rare occasions, an unexpected photo non-target fish takes us by surprise flashes across my Facebook news feed like the monster cat fish that pro staff Seann Moran caught through the ice a few years ago on lake Mendota.  I was recently scrolling through my new feed and see a picture of a good ole friend posing with a fish that doesn't match the territory... Better yet, it has a lure in it's mouth that looks awfully familiar! 

Here's what Captain Peck had to say:
"Truly an amazing day on the Miss! Chased walleyes with my buddy Tom. All I threw was my signature series 'Teddy Cat'. Was pulling it over some rocks and BOOM! a 17" BROWN TROUT ate the lure! Trout are rare in the Miss. Last one to come into my boat was April 2015. On the way home from the Army road launch I saw a flock of about 100 snow/blue geese loafing right along the road. This was a VERY special day. I am blessed!"
Feel free to leave any comments.  I'm interested in hearing if anyone else has ever heard of brown trout being caught on the Mississippi. Or perhaps you have caught one yourself!
Keep up the good work Ted!
J. Blanchar
Justin Blanchar


Justin Blanchar

Justin—just got off the water and figured out how to check and comment on your post. You know I’ve been fishin’ since your Dad spent most of his allowance on Clearasil. Just wanna tell all those folks who understand shiny objects like I-phone tablets but can’t load a pump shotgun or pull-start an outboard motor that Echotail blade baits are a multi-species lethal weapon. I’m talking strictly fish here—but have no doubt that a well placed cast with one of my signature series Echotail Teddy Cats could bring down a rabbit or a very large coon. Hope the 2 oz. alfalfa pattern baits are ready soon. deer season is right around the corner!

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