Success In The West

While Vibrations Tackle is reaching its five year mark, it was inevitable that our innovative creation would make it to the rivers and reservoirs in the Western States.  Western waters contain an astonishing number of monster fish including the walleye displayed in the photograph. While trophy walleye are abundant,  ginormous king salmon in Washington to ridiculously huge lake trout in the deep reservoirs of Colorado are a few more spectacles to seek out. A selection of hybrid blade bait Echotails with interchangeable tail offered in 12 sizes along with an abundant color selections allows anglers to pattern and seek out these trophies no matter depth or current strength.

Congrats to the angler above (Larry) for catching this monster out of the Snake River in Idaho.  He caught the trophy snapping the Echotail off the bottom in about 18' of water. He would rip the blade 3 times, let it set, drag a little then repeat. So many big fish have come on the pause/drag. The vibration gets there attention and the action from the Kalin's ceils the deal! Congrats again and thank you for sharing Larry!

YELLOW AQUATIC PERCH pattern does it again!


Justin Blanchar

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