Green Bay Report: Peck Scores Big With Top Walleye Pro's

By Ted Peck


(Ted Peck displays a 27" walleye hooked  in Green bay on a 3/4 oz Teddy Cat fishing with guide and professional tournament angler Lynn Niklasch)

Been on the road awhile, scratching itch for muskies and big eyes. Haven't put a 30" eye in the boat on pool 9 since 2013. used to catch several every year. what's happened? Gotta believe reducing the daily bag to 3 and a slot limit would help like it has down on pool 11-12. They are catching 30" eyes down there regularly again. and we have better habitat here. Fished northern Door County the past couple days with guide Lynn Niklasch and my buddy Tom. Lynn and his partner just won the AIM championship up there last weekend. Two day event. They had 10 eyes. Total weigh:101 lbs.Best part is, the AIM format is based on inches. Every fish released immediately and on site after a couple of photos. No reason why this format couldn't be used for ALL tourneys. No more taking fish 20 miles away for 'release"...with outrageous mortality. We caught 34 eyes in two solid days fishing. Only 4 small enough to keep. The other 30 were 26 1/2-29 3/4". Most caught trolling spinner rigs. Attached foto is four we had on at the same time. All released. Spent a couple hours snap-jigging echotails. This produced the biggest eye of the trip. Caught a nice 27 on my very first cast with the Teddy Cat--perfect color and bait profile for up there with all the gobies. Lost it to rocks two casts later. The only one i brought along. those who think the current format used in tourneys here on the River is a good thing, would any of you be interested in starting a Conibear only catch and release muskrat tournament trail here Evil Grin Just wonderin' WonderingThe technology is out there for on-site, immediate, catch and release. If we care about the resource and the future of our fishing here on pool 9 why--oh, why--don't we insist on this kind of format?

Justin Blanchar


Justin Blanchar

Nice Job Lynn niklasch. I kind of figured you would put an Echotail in the water for the tournament. How can a guy not these baits catch fish and big fish at that.

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