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Canadian Shield Fishing Report

By Rob Blanchar

July 27th, 2015

Second day of fishing with Take A Vet Fishing at Happy Camp owners Chris and Jamie Fuge we targeted White Otter Lake in Hillsport, Ontario Canada. Yesterday, traditional live bait crawlers were working rigged up on harnesses along with being tipped off on miniature (3/16 oz) disco nugget Echotails. The bite was “Hot”! Today, we expected to start right up on the hot action but we were stricken with surprise. The day started out pretty tough, so I started experimenting with different switch colors, sizes and technics.  When I attached a one inch piece of Uncle Josh Canadian Crawler to the barbed Echotail® the action started. 

 (1/4 oz Echotail® tipped off with 1" strips of Uncle Josh's Pork Crawler successfully landed this Canadian limit)

The trusty old combo; Uncle Josh s Pork Crawler tipped off on a Junior (1/4 oz) gold nugget Echotail® by Vibrations Tackle created a feeding frenzy. This combo not only produced a limit of walleye, but it was accomplished with traditional live bait crawlers were not working.  We targeted drop offs in 8 to 15 feet of water casting the blade out and dragging the lure along the bottom on th the retrieve. Rapid pumps and snaps were used allowing the Echotail® to free-fall with slack line finishing up by vertical jigging next to the boat. 

When the walleye were moving underneath the boat, I could here the locator beeping on the boat next to us every few minutes.  My boat fished the old fashion way anchor, oars, lake map and lures.  By casting the 1/4 ounce Echotail®, I could cover more area around an anchored boat. I targeted both shallow and deep water near drop-offs, and both methods proved to produce respectable walleye. 


Thank you Uncle Josh for making such a great product.  If you are headed to Canada don’t leave home without your Echotail's and at least one package of Uncle Josh Pork Crawlers. All the fish caught were hooked on only three one inch strips of Pork. The Pork Crawler stayed attached to Echotails barbed bait keep quite nicely and caught multiple fish per strip. Not only that, but I didn’t need to be concerned about my bait dying. Also, thank you St Croix Rods for making a quality rod that allowed me to detect the light biters.

 Best of luck fishing!

     Kind Regards,

            Rob Blanchar

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