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Catch The Vibe Outdoors, Episode 3 May 11, 2015

Episode Highlights

- 4 oz- working on developing 12 new colors to be release this summer. 

- Sweepstakes- Website to the dealers page. Highlighted in red.

- Grape Tootsie

Echotail Pointer

Hole selection
Jigging –
back hole- more vibration ( might be good for fishing extremely deep water for feel.
Front Hole- more aggressive darting action-
Middle Hole-Best of both worlds

state that I’m posting a good video with in the this weeks blog showing the difference.

Casting- deep bottom and yo-yo the lure back to the boat or cast it shallow to work over shallow weed beds as a lipless crankbait

Front hole Burning use the front hole,

Back hole- meant for slower presentations. Allows you to fish low and slow

Depth control- Rod position, speed of retrieve, hole selection.

Trolling-Trolling blade baits most definitely been done in the past but extremely underutilized.

Walleye- back holes operate at slower speeds (trolling charts)

Pike/musky- middle hole for flat lines-

Win a prize by naming some Palagic fish..

Outdoor News

Bear Attack-72 year old mans dog was attacked so he punched the bear and won!

Up coming events
AIM- May 17 Sturgeon Bay
Take a Vet Fishing- May 17 Fox Lake

For more tournament coverage, please visit:

Fishing/Hunting Report
Pat Kalmerton Shaboyagan area-Turkey Hunting Report…..
- Does anyone remember hearing about the turkey chasing the fedex driver around his truck as he was delivering a package… Post link

First two weeks of the season were pushed back as far as activity due to colder temps. In the last week or so, birds have been extremely aggrevise. He’s had his Avion X Decoy. Last saterday, they shot a Tom weighing 21 ½ oz lbs with a 11 ¼’’ beard-11 ¼ Spurs 7/8- 15/16 . If temps remain cooler the turkeys should continue to be aggressive.
In speaking of aggressive turkeys does anyone remember hearing about the turkey chasing the fedex driver around his truck as he was delivering a package… Maybe Ill post a video of this on our blog.

Fishing Reports
Madison Chain-

Winebego- Chase Eberly Crappies

Green Bay/Fox River- Ryan Rasmussen

Wisconsin River Central Wis-Jesse Qualle from Green Water Walleye Service

Muskies are done spawning and being caught up shallow. The white bass bite is still on fire and the trolling bite for walleye and crappies is really starting to pick up on the lake. Also, the catfish are really snapping.

South Eastern Wisconsin-Steve Everettes/ Dick Smiths Live Bait & Tackle

Anybody who post to our blog will have a chance to win this plano walleye kit!

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MIcah Zelinski - May 18, 2015

Sardines and smelt are palagic fish.

MICAH ZELINSKI - May 18, 2015

Call me crazy but I think a double jointed echo tail would be a cool idea or one with two clicker blades by the tail to mimic a school of bait fish or a crayfish trying to escape.

Israel Dunn - May 18, 2015

I myself always thought that Mako or Marlin would be fun to catch. If I could get them from shore anyways.

Tim Woodley - May 16, 2015

Pelagic fish where i fish are gizzard shad

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