Catch The Vibe Outdoors, Episode 1

Welcome to Catch The Vibe Outdoors! Vibrations Tackle has a busy schedule to maintain. We would like to share some insights as to what's happening within our Families company along with some tips and tricks about how to utilize our product to its best capability. We will also be covering general outdoor news and fishing reports. In this Episode, we will be reporting on the following:

Vibrations Tacke Activity Update:
-Thorne Bros Spring Sale Event
-Smokey's on The Bay

-Sweepstakes- Win $500.00 worth of Tackle & a St. Croix Avid X Rod!

Echotail tips and tricks:
- Tuning

Outdoor News:
-AIM Weekend Walleye Series
-PMTT-Cave Run

Upcoming Events:
-Great Lakes Kayak Series
-AIM Weekend Walleye Series (Green Bay)

Fishing Reports:
-Green Bay
-Lake Superior
-Wisconsin River System (Central WI)
-Mississippi Pool 9
-Lake Michigan (South Eastern WI)

-Projected Echotail Bites

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Justin Blanchar
Vibrations Tackle

                     (Adam Glickman gives demo on sharpening hooks with a cordless Dremol Tool)


Justin Blanchar

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