Walleyes For Tomorrow Pewaukee Stocking Update

By Geoff Verges
Milwaukee Muskies Inc Vice President


It is working!

I wanted to post about the Walleyes for Tomorrow Chapter of Pewaukee and all that they have done for the lake.

I was able to get down to the "walleye wagon" last night to see the operation and this is what I found out.

This chapter managed to put 4 million fry into the lake last year. This year they are estimating the number to be more along the lines of 6 million fry. I talked with a few members and they said that while 2% survival has been seen before, a more likely scenario is that .5%-1% of the fry will survive to adulthood. Of last years fry, that would be 20,000-40,000 fish.

I was told that last year they netted and collected spawn from about 156 fish. This year the total is over 250 fish.

So I was pretty excited to jump in the boat and go see what was in the nets. I was not disappointed. On my watch, we hit three nets and caught 6 walleyes. 5 females and 1 male. Then I had to sit out the rest of the netting so others could go. All in total, I think there were around 15 walleyes netted. 9 females and 6 males or so. It is a lot of work to control the boat and empty the nets, but these people are experienced and dedicated.

Once the walleyes were taken from the nets, they were transported to the big bins near the walleye wagon. What impressed me was how the fish were handled. Everyone wore fish safe gloves and walleyes were netted with rubber nets and transported. They were never grabbed and manhandled while transported. From the tanks, the fish were secured in a wet towel and the eggs were taken, then the milk was taken from the males. And in the end, the eggs end up in these tubes. Sooner or later the eggs hatch and head to some bins where they are released to the lake.

I was so very impressed with the process. There were 25 people present and most everyone had a job to do. Everyone was pitching in and helping out. The operation was very smooth and we should see a much different fishery in a few years thanks to their hard work.

Attached are some pictures that were taken, along with a picture of a 5 inch walleye. Proof that the stocking from last year is working. I'm told that those 5 inchers are common in the nets, but they aren't usually transported to the wagon. This little guy just happened to be in the net when the other walleyes were taken. The chapter also said that they are getting some 8-9 inchers, which would have been fish that the DNR stocked last fall.


Unreal club. If you see a member, please thank them. And here is a list of their sponsors. Should you be in the area, please support these businesses and thank them for their donations to that chapter.

All Secure Protection, LLC. Aquarious Systems. Craig Dilmann. Central 1 Security, Inc. Bob and Mary Eloranta. Sandbar Sports Pub. Randy Ernser Family. OMNI Capital Group. Mike Phelps. Smokie's Bait Shop. Urban Mfg, Inc. Curley's Waterfront. Gina's Sports Dock. Dick Smith's Bait and Tackle. Frantl Industries, Inc. Mug Shots Bar and Grill. Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District. Ruekert-Mielke. Haufbauer Law. Apologies to those sponsors that I missed.


Justin Blanchar

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