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"How To" Tips

  • How To Add Scent To Flat Baits For Jigging
    December 16, 2015 Justin Blanchar

    How To Add Scent To Flat Baits For Jigging

    Justin Blanchar Co-Host of Catch The Vibe Outdoors, offers a fancy little trick explaining how to add scent pods to flat jigging lures such as the Pegasus by Chaos Tackle, Echotails by Vibrations Tackle to mention a few. Simply buy some cheap felt pads from your local hardware store and apply them to the surface of your lure. The are generally made up of a soft cloth material making them ideal to holding scent similar to "Scent Wicks" used to contain deer scent in the woods to attract deer. The felt pads have sticky backs and are offered in various sizes making them easy to apply to flat surfaces "on the fly" The soft material does a nice job of holding the scents for long periods of time even in the coldest water conditions. Baitmate Fish Attractant makes a great product that is ideal for this set-up.

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